Misspelled Wizpy Beats Oddly Capitalized iPod

iPods are nifty. But you are immune to their charms if you don't want to stick in earbuds and listen to music. They don't do anything that isn't fun. The Wizpy does what the i-Pod does, and a whole lot more.

Sporting a 256,000-colour OLED screen, the Wizpy looks like any of of number of would-be iPod killers, and all the media playback features - MP3, Ogg, AAC, DivX and JPEG formats supported - are all present and correct. There's a radio on board too and a text viewer.

That's fantastic, of course. But the "killer app" here is plug it into any USB port, and boot up in open source Linux OS goodness. Surf the web, get your mail, work on your spreadsheet. The adult's iPod.

Available only in Japan, in 2007. Figures. I want one!

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