Minecraft Update Aquatic Is Inbound But Super Duper And Cross-Platform Switch Play Arriving 2018

Minecraft fans have some big updates to look forward to for the game that will be landing next year. At the MINECOIN Earth show a slew of updates were announced and the biggest of them is The Update Aquatic with a huge number of new features coming to the game. Among the new features will be materials like coral and kelp, more fish types, dolphins, new water physics and even explorable shipwrecks.


The new Update Aquatic also means a new trident weapon to defend yourself with during water explorations. The trident can be thrown at enemies and used in close-combat as well. Players can also enchant the trident for more tactical advantages. One of those enchantments is loyalty and with that enchantment on the trident, it will come back to you when thrown. Other enchantments include Impaler and Slipstream Dash, however, those weren’t detailed. The folks behind Minecraft aren't offering up a timeframe for The Update Aquatic, only saying it's coming "in a future update."

In addition, a new Minecraft server partner called The Hive will be bringing a new mini-game called Death Run to Minecraft later this year. This mini-game will have players racing through a map, overcoming obstacles, and avoiding traps on a race to the finish. Death Run and The Hive will hit Minecraft "very soon" with no exact timeframe offered.

Finally, perhaps the biggest news out of the event is that the Super Duper Graphics pack is delayed, but still coming. That update was set to land this year, but "a lot of work" is left to be done and it won’t launch this year. It will instead land (you guessed it) sometime next year. Nintendo Switch gamers will also get a new version of Minecraft in 2018 that will support cross-platform multiplayer. In 2018, Xbox One, PC, mobile, and Switch users will all gain cross-platform multiplayer.

Minecraft.net's Tom Stone wrote, "We'll be releasing Super Duper next year, and we'll have more information for you here on Minecraft.net soon."