Minecraft Star Wars: Path Of The Jedi Is The DLC Fans Are Looking For

minecraft star wars missions trains you to use the force
Minecraft is one of, if not the, most popular game of all time, with the recent crossing of 300m copies sold in 15 years. One of the many beauties of the game is the ability to do just about anything you want to, including using the Force. Minecraft has now introduced a new STAR WARS adventure in Minecraft Marketplace thanks to collaboration with Spark Universe and Lucasfilm Games.

Yesterday, the Minecraft team announced a STAR WARS Path of the Jedi mission set during the Clone Wars, where you begin your journey as a young Padawan at the Jedi Academy. You train with the likes of Grand Master Yoda and other Jedi to master the Force and prepare for battle with lightsabers. Once you have sufficiently trained, you can take to the stars and fight missions across a plethora of biomes and an uncharted planet.

While the exact missions are unclear, players can expect to “battle monsters on Tatooine, fall into a trap in deep space (help!), and solve ancient mysteries with Master Yoda on an uncharted planet.” You can see some of what all this fun mayhem will look like in the trailer above. The blog post from the Minecraft team also notes that there are many challenges and differing ways to solve them, making this DLC rather replayable.

Overall, choosing your own lightsaber and droid to join you on your journey across the universe in missions sounds like a pretty great time. You can join in the fun for only 1510 MineCoins or around $15 USD. If you do happen to master the Force as a Jedi, let us know how much fun the adventure is in the comments below, and may the Force be with you.