Minecraft Gamer On Smoke Break Sets House On Fire For Live Stream Facepalm

Minecraft is a hugely popular game around the globe, and Microsoft was wise to snatch up its creator, Mojang AB, for $2.5 billion last year. Given its popularity, it’s not uncommon to see Minecraft gamers live stream their digital exploits for all to see. What is uncommon, however, is to see such a mundane activity disintegrate into utter chaos and mayhem in a matter of minutes.

A 40-year-old Japanese gamer, who goes by the name Daasuke, decided to step away from his mouse and keyboard during a Minecraft streaming session for a smoke break. Instead of using a simple book of matches to light his cigarette, Daasuke instead tried giving some camera time to his fancy new oil match lighter. During the lead up to the main event, we see Daasuke pour oil into his lighter, after which he spends the next two minutes attempting to light a flame. He tries and tries with no luck… until we reach around the 4:50 mark on the video.

fire minecraft

At that point, things go horribly wrong — the entire lighter goes up in flames and Daasuke quickly drops it on the floor. He then places the striker in what appears to be a bag of paper or tissues to his right, which immediately goes up in flames. The events that follow are a textbook case in what NOT to do when you accidentally start a fire indoors — not having a fire extinguisher and throwing cardboard on top of the flames also aren’t good practices when a fire breaks out and quickly spreads.

Daasuke shared the home with his 68-year-old father and his 73-year old mother. And despite what you might be thinking, he wasn’t playing in his basement dungeon — the fire actually took place on the house’s second story.