Minecraft 1.9 Patch Arrives To The PC Today With Critical Combat Updates

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox for geeks and gamers alike. It attracts players of all ages and skill levels, and once hooked, it becomes a time waster of epic proportions, as any Minecraft junkie will attest. But for as much fun as Minecraft is to play, its combat system has been pretty limited, at least until now.

Development studio Mojang, which is owned by Microsoft, announced a pretty robust update for the PC version of Minecraft. Described as a "Combat Update," the version 1.9 upgrade introduces a host of changes to the combat mechanics designed to "make fighting more interesting." One of the changes is a new cool-down delay that makes it vitally important to time your attacks—no more frenzied button mashing.


Players can also build shields to protect themselves, which can be particularly handy when fighting enemies that have ranged weapons. They can also dual-wield items (press the F key to swap items) and take advantage of new attacks—swords have a special sweep attack while axes have a special crushing blow attack to finish off enemies.

This is the first time Mojang has paid significant attention to the combat system through an update, though there's more to the patch than fancy new weapon effects. There are new block types, more sound effects, and an expanded endgame area. You can also resurrect the Ender Dragon to play out the game's final moments again.