Mike Huckabee Would Rather Have Obama Back Than Suffer Through Terrible Comcast Service

During his eight years in office as President of The United States, Barack Obama was often the target of barbs from once presidential hopeful (and former Arkansas Governor) Mike Huckabee. But today, we learned that there is only but so much torture that Huckabee can take, and there is at least one entity out there that is more deplorable than Obama in his eyes — folks, let’s give it up for Comcast!

Huckabee took to Twitter to blow off some steam after Comcast missed a scheduled appointment to fix service issues. He started off by going for low-hanging fruit, comparing Comcast to United Airlines… yikes.

Tell us how you really feel, Mike! Although Comcast didn’t drag Huckabee out of his house, leaving him with a bloody face and in need of reconstructive surgery, we have the feeling that this isn’t his first run-in with the telecommunications conglomerate given his anger.


But he didn’t stop there, he bashed the company for their tardiness, saying that by the time the time service technicians got around to fixing “their problem”, his five-year-old grandson would have graduated from college.

There are also some other zingers laced in his tweetstorm including comparing “epic fail” Comcast to North Korea’s recently failed missile launch, and likening the company’s customer service to a root canal. Huckabee then ratcheted up the venom, comparing Comcast unfavorably to the Mafia:

But he saved the best for last, throwing a bone to his old punching bag, Barack Obama:

Apple ice to burned area!

Comcast for years has fought to shake its [well-earned] reputation for poor customer service. From changing customers name to “A--hole Brown” or “whore” or “dummy”, to numerous wins as The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America, Comcast just can’t seem to shake its demons no matter how hard it tries to right the ship.

To their credit, Comcast did eventually show up to fix Huckabee's problems, but only after the news had gone viral, which pretty much forced their hand. Too little, too late perhaps...

(Image Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)