Microsoft's Xbox 360 Spring Update Set For May 19th, Rumor Says

Updates, updates, updates. That's the name of the game these days. Google's talking updates, iOS has updates, and starting May 19th, Xbox 360 will have updates. At least, that's the word. A leaked presentation slide over at Joystiq confirms that May 19th is the day where the company's Sprint 2011 update will launch, adding PayPal and other nifty features. Microsoft's annual Spring Update is usually quite a big deal amongst the gaming faithful, and based on the image here, you shouldn't have long to wait to get it.

The update will reveal the next Dashboard, and according to the doc, it'll be rolled out in half a dozen waves. It'll bring support for Microsoft's new disc format to be used in future games, as well as PayPal payment support that'll allow transfers with international customers. Microsoft's playing it off as it never happened, but we'll just have to wait things out to see who's right.