Microsoft’s Word Flow iPhone Keyboard Brings Trick One-Handed Mode, Snubs Windows 10 Mobile

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At this point, it has to be tough for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile users. Besides the fact that Microsoft's smartphone operating system has global market share in the low single-digits, its app ecosystem isn’t nearly as healthy as what’s available on iOS or Android. And even when Microsoft develops interesting smartphone apps that people might enjoy, it often introduces them to Android or iOS first instead of Windows 10 Mobile — if at all.

Such is the case with new Word Flow keyboard for iOS, which is currently undergoing internal testing at Microsoft and in a closed beta via the Windows Insider program. "Word Flow keyboard has long been one of the highly praised features on Windows Phone and was used to break the Guinness World Record for fastest texting. We are now working on extending this keyboard to other platforms, starting with iOS," Microsoft stated earlier this month.

For anyone that has used a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, Word Flow for iOS should be instantly recognizable. The keyboard supports swipe-based text entry, emoji shortcuts and even word suggestions (as we would expect from any modern smartphone keyboard).

word flow

However, the most interesting feature — and one that is not available on Windows 10 Mobile smartphones — is a nifty one-handed mode that allows you to easily type with just your right (or left) hand.

According to The Verge, the final version of Word Flow for iOS (complete with one-handed mode) will be out in the coming months. An Android version will shortly follow, and there’s no word yet if the one-handed mode will eventually pop up on actual Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

With that being said, we’re almost certain that Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is one of the lucky few enjoying Word Flow for iOS right about now…