Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Snapdragon 888 Flagship Leaks With Beefy Triple Camera Array

microsoft surface duo 2 hero
Microsoft had a bit of a rough first outing with its Surface Duo flagship smartphone. The Android device launched last year and was quite intriguing due to its dual-display design, which is not prevalent in the smartphone realm.

However, Microsoft wasn't entering the market from a position of strength with the Surface Duo. It was [seemingly] overpriced, the software was buggy, it shipped with an outclassed SoC given its price, and it didn't even feature 5G support. Microsoft rectified the bugs somewhat with subsequent software updates, and significant price cuts have made the Surface Duo more attractive.

microsoft surface duo 2

Microsoft seems to be on the cusp of trying again with the aptly named Surface Duo 2. Alleged images of the smartphone have leaked online, showing a design in keeping with its predecessor. The most significant change is that there is now a relatively large and thick camera pod on the back of the device. There are triple cameras visible, while a small LED flash is offset to the side. Images of the Surface Duo 2 show the smartphone in white (as with last year's model) and black colors.

According to Windows Central, the Surface Duo 2 will ship with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 SoC. That would be a significant upgrade from the Snapdragon 855 featured in its predecessor. The inclusion of this SoC means that the Surface Duo 2 would come out of the box with 5G support, which many rightly argue should have been featured on the original Surface Duo. Additionally, the dedicated fingerprint reader has reportedly been ditched and is integrated into the power button.

microsoft surface duo

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft prices the Surface Duo 2. Many balked at the original device's high starting price of $1,399 due to its meager specs. However, the Surface Duo 2 -- if it indeed comes with a Snapdragon 888 -- might be worthy of a price tag that steps out of the triple-digit territory.

The original Surface Duo's price has steadily eroded, falling from $1,399 to $599 back in mid-May. Earlier this month, it hit a new low of $409.99 for a limited time. The Surface Duo 2 is rumored to debut in September, and let's hope that Microsoft has better luck with its second at-bat.