Microsoft’s Surface Arc Mouse Is A Stylish Companion For Surface Laptop

Surface Arc Mouse

Microsoft had a lot to talk about when introducing a new Surface Laptop and specialized version of Windows 10 called Windows 10 S. With so much to discuss and Surface boss Panos Panay at one point saying he was running behind, Microsoft ran out of time to formally introduce its Surface Arc Mouse, a slick looking companion rodent for the Surface Laptop.

The Surface Arc Mouse is essentially a redesigned version of its Bluetooth-enabled Arc Touch. It features a slim design that lays almost completely flat until you "snap" the spine into place, giving the rodent a more traditional curved body. The point of having to do that is to make it travel friendly—the Surface Arc Mouse will more easily fit into laptop bags or pockets when laying flat instead of curved.

Compared to the Arc Touch, the overall design is very similar. However, the Surface Arc Mouse is the more aesthetically pleasing of the two, in part because the capactiive strip that runs down the middle is no longer showing. What's left is a smooth surface, though users can slide their finger across the top to emulate a scroll wheel and middle button click. It's basically a touch pad with gesture support.

"Slim, light, and ready to travel, Surface Arc Mouse conforms to your hand and snaps flat to fit easily in your bag. The next generation of our best-selling Arc Touch Mouse, it features numerous refinements, including the ability to scroll both vertically and horizontally," Microsoft says.

Surface Arc Mouse Colors

The Surface Arc Mouse operates on Bluetooth 4.0 and has a range of up to 32.8 feet in open areas, and 16.4 feet in office environments. It measures 5.17 x 2.17 x 0.56 inches and weighs 2.91 ounces, which takes into account the two included (and required) AAA batteries. Microsoft says users can expect up to 9 months of use before needing to swap out the batteries for a fresh set.

You can pre-order a Surface Arc Mouse now in burgundy, cobalt blue, or light gray, each of which runs $80. The mouse will ship by June 15, 2017.