Microsoft’s “Sculpt Comfort Mouse” Has Built in Windows Start Button

On the lookout for the ultimate Windows mouse? Well, given that's how Microsoft touts its Sculpt Comfort Mouse, the company looks to have you covered. Microsoft calls the mouse "Sculpt" because it's designed to fit perfectly in your hand, with a contoured left side - unfortunately, lefties are once again ignored. Also on the left side is what sets this mouse apart from all the rest: a Windows touch tab.

This blue button has multiple functions. You can click it to switch between your desktop app and the Windows Start screen, swipe up to cycle through all open apps (in the Start screen) or down to reveal the All Apps section of the Start screen.

As someone who's come to rely heavily on back / forward buttons being situated on the left side of a mouse, I'm not too sure I'd be able to use the Sculpt Comfort Mouse without slowly going insane. Interestingly, Microsoft also offers a mobile version of its Sculpt mouse which moves the Windows key to the top - you just lose out on swiping capabilities, and there are still no side buttons.

If this mouse had side buttons for back / forward and implemented the Windows touch tab to beneath the scroll wheel, it'd be then that I'd be able to get behind the "ultimate Windows mouse" statement. What about you?