Microsoft's Mimicker Alarm App Tortures You With Tongue Twisters And Selfie Requests

Do you have a tough time getting up in the morning? If your routine involves hitting the snooze button on your alarm only to go right back to sleep and repeat the cycle half a dozen times, then you might want to give Microsoft's latest app a try. It's called Mimicker Alarm, and it's one of a growing list of Microsoft-made apps for Android.

Mimicker Alarm takes a different approach to waking you up. It essentials annoys the snot of you with silly tasks that take the place of hitting the off or snooze button. For example, the app might ask you to take a selife with a specific facial expression in order to disable the alarm, or speak a phrase. The idea is to free you from that zombie-like state you find yourself in each and every morning so you can stop calling in late to work.

Mimicker Alarm

"The Mimics require you to be alert, smart, and use you and your surroundings so be ready to move. Watch out – if you don’t finish the game in time, we’ll assume you’ve fallen back asleep and your alarm will start ringing again," Microsoft notes. "Once you complete the Mimic, share your personalized results with your friends and show how you beat the clock."

It's all a little bit corny—how many times have you been tasked with repeating a tongue twister or hunting down an object of a specific color first thing in the morning?—but that's also the point. Assuming the requested task doesn't cause you to swing your fist down on your Android phone with all the might of Thor's hammer, this could be just the thing to get you up and going. Think of it as a prequel to your morning cup of coffee.

Mimicker Alarm is free to download from Google Play.