Microsoft's Ballmer: Focused On Delivering Windows Tablets ASAP

It should really come as no huge surprise, but Microsoft isn't just waiting around for Apple to rule the tablet PC market all by their lonesome. The company has been somewhat slow in responding to the iPad, which has sold over 3 million units to date and has clearly struck a nerve with consumers. In recent days, company CEO Steve Ballmer has made clear that Microsoft is on the front lines of attack, working hard behind the scenes in order to produce tablets that will not only rival the iPad, but be true competitors in terms of functionality.

He recently stated that Windows-based tablets will be shipping "as soon as they're ready," also saying that the tablet PC push is "job one urgency" with "no one sleeping at the switch." He also confirmed that the goal isn't to "deliver products, but to deliver products that people want to buy." That's an important differentiation. In the past, some have panned Microsoft with pushing things out too early, but the company is showing a clear focus on delivering fully baked, market ready devices.

He also couldn't help but poke at his arch rival, saying about Apple and the iPad: "they've sold certainly more than I'd like them to have sold." Nothing like the company you hate the most succeeding where you should be succeeding to get those gears turning.