Microsoft's AppComparison Tool Lures Curious Android Users To Windows Mobile 10

You might be surprised to find out that Microsoft's newest mobile app is for Android and not its own platform, though there's a reason for that. The app, called AppCompanion, scours a user's Android handset for installed apps and offers up a list of matching ones and similar alternatives that are available for Windows Phone devices.

"Are you considering changing your Android device to Windows Phone? AppComparison identifies your favorite Android apps and matches them with apps available from the Microsoft Store," AppCompanion's description reads. "The application also introduces you to some of the most popular Windows Phone applications."

AppCompanion Screenshots

One of the biggest advantages both Android and iOS have over Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile is a wider selection of apps. Things are improving, but even so, there are some noticeably missing apps for Windows Phone devices. Google Maps is one of them, but rather than let that stop potential defectors from leaving Android in favor of, say, a Lumia device, AppCompanion recommends HERE Maps as an alternative.

It's actually not a bad suggestion -- even Android users generally like the app, which has a better than 4-star rating in Google Play. But whether or not offering up alternatives will be enough to convince Android users to jump ship remains to be seen.

The timing of AppCompanion's release comes as Microsoft releases its first Windows 10 Mobile devices, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Both handsets are exclusive to AT&T at the moment, though a final version of Windows 10 Mobile for Windows Phones users in general is getting close.