Microsoft Xbox One Preview Program ‘Has Reached Near-Capacity Level’

Microsoft has a lot of exciting things in store for its Xbox One console, and if you want an early taste of what the Redmond giant is cooking up, you need only join the Xbox One Preview program. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately it's an invite-only affair, and it looks like Microsoft is cutting back the number of invites it sends out.

As you might imagine, more than just a handful of Xbox One owners are interested in getting an early look at upcoming features. Microsoft says it's seen a "tremendous response" from its fans and that the program "has reached a near-capacity level," which in turn has led to fewer invitations being sent out.

Xbox One Controller

"We are slowing the number of new people we are accepting to optimize for testing," a Microsoft representative said in the Preview Program's forums. "We are thankful for the amount of interest we've received to date and look forward to sharing more details on preview opportunities soon."

This really isn't all that surprising. In addition to revamping the Xbox One's interface, Microsoft is working on bringing backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles to its modern generation console, a feature that's scheduled to arrive in November. Cortana is set to make an appearance as well.