Microsoft Easy Trade Up Program Will Give You $200 For You Old Laptop Or $300 For a MacBook

Microsoft really wants folks to upgrade to Windows 10, even going so far as to make the operating system free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users during the first year of availability. And so far, the decision to make the OS free has allowed Microsoft to rack up over 100 million installs since July 29th.

But Microsoft wants even more people to join the Windows 10 bandwagon, and it’s now reaching out to those with older laptops and all-in-ones that perhaps can’t handle its latest and greatest operating system. As a result, Microsoft has launched Easy Trade Up, which allows you to trade in your old laptop and receive a cash rebate. 


The first step in the Easy Trade Up program is to purchase a new Windows 10 machine (you can see a list of qualifying PCs right here). The machine has to be purchased from a Microsoft Store and must be priced at $599 and above. Purchases also have to be made before October 20th.

After purchasing your new Windows 10 PC, you’ll have to trade-in your existing machine, which must be six years old or newer. Qualifying trade-ins include laptops, convertibles and all-in-one PCs with screens measuring 11.6-inches or larger. The machines must be in working order and can show signs of wear, but don’t expect Microsoft to accept a computer with a busted screen.

Upon receipt of your old computer, Microsoft will inspect it and send your cash reward within 28 days. If you trade in a PC, you’ll receive a flat $200. Trade in a MacBook or iMac, and that amount rises to $300.