Microsoft's Windows 10 May 2020 Update ISO Is Now Available, Here's Where To Download It

Windows 10
In just a matter of weeks, Microsoft will begin pushing out the May 2020 Update for Windows 10, the first of two major upgrades scheduled for this year. Previously known as Windows 10 20H1, what looks to be the final test build is circulating within the Windows Insider program. Feeling antsy? You can give the May 2020 Update a spin right now, and in ISO form.

The benefit of an ISO image is being able to easily install the latest Windows 10 build with a clean slate, rather than performing an in-place upgrade. It's also convenient to have if you want to install it on multiple PCs in your home. The only caveat is that we are still talking about a test build here, and it's possible Microsoft will make some last minute tweaks before rolling out the May 2020 Update to the public at large. More on that in a bit.

As to what you can expect from the upgrade, the May 2020 Update will introduce some new and updated features, including a refreshed Task Manager that shows the type of disk (SSD or HDD) and temperature of your GPU(s), a new cloud backup option, new sign-in options, and a bunch of other things. If you are ready to give it a whirl, then keep reading.

How To Download The Windows 10 May 2020 Update ISO

Windows Insider
Before you proceed, you will need to join the Windows Insider program, if you are not already a member. You can do that navigating to the Windows Insider website and clicking the "Become an Insider" button, or type Windows Insider in Search and navigate to the Windows Insider Program section within Settings. Note that diagnostic data collection must be set to Full in order to get preview builds.

Once you are an Insider and are logged into your account, head over to the Windows Insider Preview Download page. You then need to scroll down to the "Select edition" section, where you will find a drop-down box.

This is where you will...*drum roll*...selection a Windows 10 edition. The one you are looking for is labeled Windows 10 Insider Preview (SLOW) - Build 19041. Next, select your language, and then click on Confirm.

From here, you will be given two download options—64-bit and 32-bit. We recommend the 64-bit, unless you have a specific reason for installing the 32-bit version (for compatibility with older hardware, mostly). Be aware that the ISO file is around 5GB in size.

You can use the ISO to create an installation USB thumb drive or DVD. Then once you install Windows 10 with the May 2020 Update on a PC, be sure to hit up Windows Update, as that will bump the test build up to the final RTM release that will roll out to the public next month.