Microsoft Unveils Surface Neo Dual Display Foldable PC Powered By Intel Lakefield Foveros Tech

surface neo 4
Remember the Courier concept that leaked from Microsoft over a decade ago? It has finally manifested itself into a real product that Surface Chief Panos Panay announced today called the Surface Neo. The Surface Neo features dual 9-inch displays covered in Gorilla Glass that are joined together with a central 360-degree hinge. That hinge, which features micro-gears with an innovative torque system, allows the device to contort into a number of various positions based on what your current workload is like.
surface neo 3

You can use it as a dual-screen device; you can it with just a single display; you can use it in tent mode; and you can even slap on a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically attaches to the bottom screen, while still leaving you space to use the uncovered portion of that display as a touchpad. It looks rather amazing, and we can't wait to try it out in person. In addition to the trick keyboard, there's also a Surface Pen that attaches magnetically to the back of the device. 


Each section of display is only 5.6mm thick, and Panay says that the device weight just 655 grams. Powering the Surface Neo is Intel's upcoming 10nm Lakefield hybrid SoC, which will incorporate Gen11 graphics. Lakefield uses Intel's Sunny Cove CPU cores and Foveros 3D chip packaging technology.

As was previously revealed, the Surface Neo is running Microsoft's new Windows 10X operating system, which was specifically designed for use on dual-screen devices. You can run separate apps on each display, or using a feature called "spanning", you can drag an app to the center hinge and have it expand to take up both displays. 

surface neo 2

At this time, Microsoft is leaving a lot of details close to the vest with regards to the Surface Neo. This is to be expected since the device won't ship until Holiday 2020. So why did Microsoft announce the device over a year in advance? According to Panay, he wants developers to get on board well ahead of time so that when the device is actually in the hands of consumers, they will have amazing experiences with their apps while running Windows 10X.