Microsoft Flight Simulator Stands With Ukraine And Enables A Humanitarian Charity Campaign

microsoft ukraine fundraiser through microsoft flight simulator
As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, more and more people are starting to feel the pain. Risking everything, some Ukrainian citizens are fleeing their homes in hopes of staying alive and outrunning their aggressors. However, this movement of people seeking freedom and safety needs all the help it can get, so Microsoft is stepping in any way it can, including enabling a fundraiser through its wildly popular Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Mid-last week, Microsoft provided an update on its business operations in Eastern Europe, which previously stated that sales of products and services in Russia would cease. The Redmond, Washington-based company went on to add that it has now “committed over $35 million to support humanitarian assistance and relief efforts for Ukraine.” Moreover, Microsoft is deploying Disaster Response teams to help government, nonprofit, and commercial organizations requesting technical help in the region in an effort to keep Ukrainian services online.

small MS Flight Simultator Ukraine
Specialized MS Flight Simulator Content In Support Of Ukraine - Credit: Francois Piednoel

It has also been reported that Microsoft is now matching employee donations to Ukraine at a ratio of 2:1, resulting in over $13.5 million raised for humanitarian aid. However, this is not all that much in the grand scheme, so Microsoft is also turning to the average flight enthusiast or gamer to help. Subsequently, Microsoft has enabled a fundraiser within Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), wherein $5 will be donated for each item sold in the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-sim marketplace worldwide, excluding Russia and Belarus for obvious reasons. These contributions will go directly to the not-for-profit International Rescue Committee (IRC) to “support its response to the crisis in Ukraine.”

However, if you are not looking to buy any planes or extra content for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can donate directly to the IRC at its website. Whether or not you choose to donate through MSFS, what Microsoft is doing is commendable, and we wish that more companies would step up and use their influence to better the world. In any event, let us know what you think and if you contributed by buying anything from the MSFS marketplace.

(Marketplace image courtesy of Francois Piednoel, Facebook)