Microsoft's Ugly Windows XP Sweater Is Selling Out Fast, Here Are Some Alternatives

Two people wearing Microsoft's Windows XP Wallpaper ugly sweater on a light gray background.
Ugly holiday sweaters have become a clothing trend over the past decade, and Microsoft has been getting into the oddball holiday spirit for the last several years with its own funky line of themed-attired. Its past ugly sweater offerings have included designs based on the Windows logo, MS Paint, Clippy, Minesweeper, and Windows XP. For this year, it's offering up its Windows Ugly Sweater: Bliss Edition themed after the iconic Windows XP wallpaper, but you'll have to hurry if you hope to snag one.

As has been the case each year, Microsoft's holiday sweaters sell out quickly. The Bliss Edition sweater is no exception—at the time of this writing, only 2XL and 3XL sizes remain in stock, with small, medium, large, and XL having all sold out. [Edit: the 3XL size went out of stock moments after we published this article] Orders placed today are estimated to arrive between December 1 and December 5, depending on where you live.

Close of a tag on Microsoft's Windows XP Bliss Edition ugly sweater that reads, "An Ode to Bliss."

There's a chance Microsoft will restock the other sizes, though that's not a given. It's a shame, too, because these delightfully geeky and ugly sweaters are oddly appealing, as well as nostalgic. Windows XP holds a particularly special place in many people's hearts, with a long run of support (around 13 years). It's certainly remembered much more fondly than its predecessor, Windows Me.

If you want to get one of the remaining sizes of the Windows Ugly Sweater: Bliss Edition priced at $69.99, head to the Xbox Gear Shop and place your order before they disappear.

More Ugly Sweater Options For The Holiday

Two ugly sweathers, one with Pac-Man and the other with Santa wearing a thong, on a gray gradient background.
Naturally, Microsoft is far from the only getting into the quirky tradition of selling ugly holiday sweaters. Here are some alternatives, some of which are geek-themed while others are just humorously quirky...