Microsoft Tries Enticing Employees In China To Resign With Free Nokia Lumia 630 Handset

A smartphone doesn't seem like a fantastic severance package to us, but it's part of what Microsoft is using in its attempt to downsize in China. Microsoft is planning a large number of layoffs at its Nokia unit in China -- around 4,700 employees will receive a pink slip, leaving just 300 -- and to ease tensions from the protests that are going on, Microsoft is offering a free Lumia 630 device to any employee who voluntarily resigns.

The Redmond outfit is willing to dish out Lumia 630 devices to up to 300 employees per day if they apply for the volunteer resignation package. It's not known how many phones are available in all, though Microsoft said they'll be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Lumia 630

Nokia's Lumia 630 device sells for a little under 800 yuan (~$130) on one of China's websites. That's not much, and while severance packages aren't all that unusual, what's odd about this particular scenario is that employees are being offered as severance devices that they helped build.

Word around the web is that the Lumia 630 device won't be the only part of the severance package. It's more of a bonus item for individuals willing to volunteer for the inevitable. Whether or not it works remains to be seen.