Microsoft Tossing Out "Metro" Name, Going With "Windows 8" Instead: Confused?

Well, this is strange. It seems that "Metro," the design language that just about everyone associated with the 'tiled' system used in Windows Phone and Windows 8, can no longer be used to reference precisely that. As part of some trademark spat, Microsoft has seemingly been forced to ditch what is largely regarded as its most intelligent naming scheme in years for something else. And that "something else" is far less enticing. According to ZDNet, Microsoft is ditching Metro and will instead call those 'tiled' things... Windows 8.

Confused yet? You should be. Windows 8 will now be used to refer to what was previously known as Metro. What will the "conventional" desktop be called in Windows 8? Desktop. It's a pretty strange way of doing things, but since it's too late to rebrand an awesome brand, Microsoft is taking the easy route and hoping that most consumers who aren't constantly swept up in technology news won't notice. In other words, if you're hoping to develop a "Metro" app for Win8, you'll now be developing a "Windows 8 application."

So much for brilliant branding.