Microsoft To Slash Windows 8 Licensing Fees 70 Percent To Fend Off Chromebooks, Other Budget OS Alternatives

Microsoft is reportedly cutting the cost of its Windows 8.1 licensing fees on cheaper PCs and tablets in an attempt to remain competitive in the lower-end market. According to Bloomberg’s sources, manufacturers will pay just $15 to preinstall the OS on any device that sells for less than $250 instead of the normal $50.

It’s notable that there’s no form factor requirement or size restrictions, nor a touch requirement, meaning that the discount could apply to inexpensive notebooks and tablets alike.

Windows 8.1

This is a clear effort to fight back against market-invading forces such as inexpensive Android tablets and the growing spate of chromebooks on the market.

The measure to slash licensing costs may only help so much, though; the same sources noted that some manufacturers are already paying as little as $30 to license Windows after Microsoft incentives as it is.