Microsoft To Debut Nokia “Superman” Smartphone With 5MP Front Camera

Now that Microsoft has finished acquiring what it wants of Nokia, the company is readying new smartphones for release. The first one slated for release may be a handset nicknamed “Superman” that will rock a 5MP front camera.

According to The Verge’s sources “familiar with Microsoft’s plans”, Superman will be a 4.7-inch handset and, despite its intimidating name, will likely be a midrange affair. Other details are unclear, but we suppose making that front camera something to be proud of is a nice feature to have on your phone.

Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 1520

The source also indicated that there will be two Windows Phone 8.1 updates this year, and both will roll out alongside new handset launches. Superman will come out with the second update, whenever that may be, and the first update will appear sometime in June.

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