Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Price Slashed to $349 at Staples

It appears the rumor that Microsoft was going to cut prices on its Surface RT tablets is true, at least to a certain extent; Staples is dropping the price of a 32GB Surface RT tablet a whopping $150 down to $350, if a leaked ad is to be believed.

There was a rumor that a Touch Cover would be an additional $100 (which would also be a bit of a discount), bringing the total to $450, and a 64GB Surface RT would cost $450.

The sale will begin on July 14th and run through the 20th. It’s hard to say if this will end up being permanent or if Staples is just trying to move some merchandise. Considering the fact that Surface RT tablets have not sold particularly well—they were overpriced to begin with—coupled with the aforementioned rumor that Microsoft was planning a price drop, we’d wager that it’s the former.

It’s also possible that Microsoft itself is encouraging some volume movement ahead of a hardware refresh, as future Surface RTs will have Qualcomm chips inside.