Microsoft Surface Pro On Sale Now, But Sold Out Most Places

Guess what, U.S. and Canada? Today's the day. If you've been waiting for that magical, all-in-one tablet device that's capable of running a full, untainted version of Windows, you can finally make your own dreams come true. Microsoft's Surface Pro, not to be confused with the slimmer, lighter, but less capable Surface RT, went on sale today in the United States and Canada. Shipping in 64GB and 128GB editions, the Windows 8-powered device starts at $899. While it's looking like initial volumes were light, it seems to be sold out in Microsoft's online store as well as at Staples, and many Best Buy locations (which received only one or two per store) are also out of stock.

Interestingly, Microsoft has yet to announce public sales figures of the Surface RT, leading some pundits to assume that sales were so low that Microsoft is ashamed to let them be known. Given that the Surface Pro seems to be harder to locate, we're certainly curious to see if the company trumpets these figures in the weeks ahead.

If you managed to snag one, what are your initial impressions?