Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Gains Luxurious, Racing-Inspired Alcantara Signature Type Cover

surface signature type cover 2
When we think of Alcantara, the first thing to spring to mind is its use in high-end sports cars and supercars for headliners, steering wheels, seats and dashboard coverings. But Microsoft has a new use for the suede-like material, which is manufactured by Italian company Alcantara SpA, in its new Signature Type Cover for the popular Surface Pro 4 tablet.

We must say, the Signature Type Cover definitely looks fantastic and if you’ve never felt Alcantara before, you’re in for a real treat as you rub your fingers across its grain. Alcantara is used not only on the back of the Signature Type Cover, but also along the palm rest and around the keys. The fine texture of Alcantara means that your palms are in for a real treat as you type furiously throughout the work week.

surface signature type cover 1

If you’re still not sold on the properties of Alcantara, Microsoft has produced an Apple-esque video that uses flowery language to talk about the manufacturing process of Alcantara and what makes its strands of fabric so unique. “The intersection of fibers creates a very dense and durable material,” explains Ralf Groene, Head of Design for Microsoft Devices. “At the same time creates a very smooth, velvety experience.”

“There’s something that makes you want to reach out and touch it,” adds Rachel Bell, Colors and Materials Designer for Microsoft.

Given the premium nature of Alcantara, its use in the Signature Type Cover doesn’t come cheap — it’s priced at $159.99, which is $30 more than the standard Type Cover. It’s available to purchase today from the Microsoft Store.