Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Core i3 And Core i7 Models Now Available in US and Canada

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 series is expanding, giving customers a broader range of features and prices. Until now, the Windows 8.1 tablet sported an Intel Core i5 processor – new models are available in Core i3 and Core i7 flavors. Surface Pro 3 tablets with these processors are already available on the Microsoft Store, Amazon, and several other retailers.

Microsoft is broadening its Surface Pro 3 line with additional processors from Intel.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Image credit: Microsoft

The least expensive version of the 12-inch Surface Pro 3 is the Core i3 model, which Microsoft is targeting at students and anyone who spends more time consuming media than creating it. The tablet includes 64GB of memory and sports Windows 8.1 for $799. That’s a hefty price tag for a tablet, but keep in mind that Microsoft sees this as a laptop replacement. It can handle Microsoft Office apps, which is good news for students. As with all Surface Pros, you buy the Surface Pro Type Cover separately.

Obviously, the Core i7 model has the most horsepower, so it’s the tablet that Microsoft is promoting to users who edit music, photos, or video. We’re seeing prices for these models, which typically have 512GB of memory, in the $2,250 neighborhood.
So where does that leave the Core i5 models? Right in the middle, of course. With 256GB of RAM and prices near $1,300, they’re meant to give you some oomph without emptying your wallet.

We always like to see more choices for customers – and an entry level Surface Pro 3 is going to be tempting for everyone, not just students – but a Surface Pro 3 in excess of $2,000? It will be interesting to see how that model fares. Have enough customers accepted the idea of a laptop-replacement tablet to make a high-priced model viable?