Microsoft Set To Unveil Windows 10 ‘Phone-Laptop Hybrid’ Tomorrow

We've been talking about Microsoft's important Windows 10 event since late November, and finally, it goes down tomorrow. Because Rumorville never sleeps, we have a few last-minute hints at what might go down tomorrow.

The most interesting rumor involves a "phone-laptop hybrid", one that gave me the immediate thought of someone holding a 13-inch notebook to their ear. Two scenarios are more likely, though. One would be to bundle an LTE chip inside of the notebook that would allow people to place calls through the device (either using speaker phone or a headset), while another would be a clone of Apple's OS X feature that lets you pair your phone with your notebook to handle calls in much the same way.

Microsoft Windows 10

Aside from that, Microsoft is expected to show off Windows 10's design that involves the same code base across its entire platform. Phone or PC, the OS will be similar at its core (excluding obvious issues if the device uses a non-x86 processor), allowing developers to target more than just one type of device when publishing an app.

Congruency across the product line is one of Microsoft's biggest goals with Windows 10, so it might not come as much of a surprise to learn that the company's two separate app stores are set to become one - phone and desktop just won't have a reason to be separated anymore. It does seem likely, though, that not every app will automatically run on every device just because it uses Windows 10, as different classes of hardware have different capabilities.

Whatever's going to be announced tomorrow, something tells me that the event is going to do well in hyping the Windows 10 train up even more.