Doh! Microsoft Sells Fallout 4 For Free On Xbox Store, Licenses Being Revoked

Scheduled fixes for the Xbox Store didn't go quite as planned for Microsoft heading into the weekend. For a short period, the Fallout 4 Digital Deluxe Bundle was being given away for free as a digital download to Xbox One owners, and as you might imagine, many gamers pounced on the deal. It was inevitable that Microsoft would catch wind of the pricing error, and now that it has, licenses are being revoked.

The bundle includes every bit of DLC Bethesda has ever released for Fallout 4, including Far Harbor, Wasteland Workshop, and Automatron, along with a Season Pass for all future Fallout 4 DLC, which may include a theme parked called Nuka World at some point. Bethesda's all-inclusive bundle typically runs a penny shy of $110, and it's worth every penny for what was deemed Game of the Year at the DICE Awards.

Fallout 4 Digital Deluxe Bundle

It was a rough day for Microsoft and visitors to the Xbox Store, which experienced issues on and off throughout Friday due to server maintenance. In most cases, users would see errors when trying to load affected product pages. In the case of Fallout 4, many were able to download the bundle before Microsoft had a chance to correct the pricing error.

"Earlier we had a short maintenance on the server, so it happens that some items on the markeplace have been affected," a Microsoft support rep told Neowin. "The issue has been fixed now. Those customers who were able to get the Fallout 4 Deluce Edition for free will [have the game] removed under their licenses automatically."

It's a sour grapes situation for gamers who thought they scored a major deal, and had it only been a relatively small number of downloads, Microsoft may have eaten the cost (we're speculating). However, the deal went viral, making it a pricey proposition.

While licenses are being revoked, gamers aren't walking away empty handed. Those affected are receiving a $10 credit, enough to pay for the Automatron DLC ($10) or Wasteland Workshop ($5).