Microsoft Sees One Million Downloads Of Windows 8 Consumer Preview In 24 Hours

How exactly do you measure success? And how do you do so when you're a company as large as Microsoft? With a monumental market share lead in the desktop OS market, it's not like a major competitor will be jumping up and stealing their crown tomorrow, but there's no doubt that Windows 8 has a lot riding on it. Windows Vista wasn't viewed positively, and while Windows 7 was praised, there is a lot of changing going on in Windows 8 that the jury is still out on. Still, a whopping one million people downloaded Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview edition in the 24 hours following the company's announcement, and that's no small feat. One million is a ton of people in just a single day, and while it's safe to assume that nearly all of that bunch were enthusiasts, that's still a ton of loyal people willing to try out new software. Windows 8 still has a lot to prove, yes, but one thing is clear: people are at least interested in it, if not outright excited by its prospects.