Microsoft Searches for Some Yahoos

Can't buy the company? Can't buy the search technology? Well, how about buying the talent? Wednesday Microsoft placed a full-page ad for "search jobs" in (gasp!) an honest-to-goodness hard copy paper, The San Jose Mercury-News. Despite the ubiquity of the San Francisco Chronicle, for Silicon Valley, the Merc is the paper.

"There are now very few companies that remain truly committed to defining the future of search and online advertising," the ad reads. "Microsoft is one of them."

Microsoft's not-so-subtle dig at Yahoo is particularly well-timed amid rumors that Yahoo is in a hiring freeze, or at least a cold chill and amid a rash of high-level defections.

In the ad, Microsoft touts its partnerships with Facebook, Viacom, and Dow Jones and suggests the fun of chasing Google.

The fun of chasing Google?  With morale bad at Yahoo, they might snag some people.  On the other hand, how many people still read newspapers?