Microsoft Rumored to Pony Up $2.6 Billion to Samsung, Sony, Huawei for Windows Phone Development

It's true that Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is the third most popular mobile operating system in the world, but it's a distant third behind iOS and Android, the two big dogs that run the show. If Microsoft is to increase its slice of the pie, it needs to get more handset makers on board rather than tie itself so closely with Nokia. Microsoft may have received that memo because it's reportedly getting ready to throw a whole bunch of cash at other other phone makers to get serious about Windows Phone.

According to a Twitter post by Mobile-Review's Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft plans to pay $1.2 billion to Samsung in support money this year to develop Windows Phone 8 devices. In addition, Microsoft will pay $600 million to Huawei and $500 million to Sony to also jump on board, plus another $300 million set aside for other handset makers. That works out to a $2.6 billion investment.

Windows Phone

You'll notice that HTC isn't listed above, though the company could fall under the "Others" category. An alternate explanation is that these figures are way off. Microsoft's communications lead Frank X. Shaw responded to Murtazin's Twitter post calling out his numbers.

"Reality check. Do we do co-marketing with partners? You bet! But these numbers are complete fiction," Shaw wrote.

When made aware of Microsoft's response, Murtazin held firm on his claim, saying Microsoft could file the figures under ad money. However Microsoft does it, Murtazin is convinced Microsoft is "paying for all R&D costs, etc."