Microsoft Reportedly Developing Intel Core M-Based Windows 10 Tablet To Replace Surface 2

Microsoft’s Surface 2 Windows RT tablet was unceremoniously put to death earlier this year. The demise of the Surface 2 wasn’t a shock to industry watchers; various OEMs provided more compelling tablet solutions running x86 processors that were able to access the vast Windows software library (the Windows RT-based, ARM-powered Surface 2 was shutout from traditional Windows applications).

surface2 big
Microsoft Surface 2

According to a new report from Winbeta, Microsoft won’t make that same mistake again when it launches a new tablet to slot under the Surface Pro 3 (or the inevitable Surface Pro 4). The fanless tablet is said to feature an x86 processor; either an Intel Atom or Intel Core M is said to be in the works to power the device. This also means that the tablet will be able to run a full-blown version of Windows.

Unlike the professional-oriented Surface Pro 3, the new tablet will be marketed more towards general consumers and will be priced to match. That also means that you probably won’t see the fancy stylus that comes with the Surface Pro 3, although we do hope that the kickstand carries over as in previous iterations.

Winbeta says that the device will come pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 but will upgradable to the forthcoming Windows 10 operating system. The news site also says that Microsoft’s official announcement for the tablet will come on or before the BUILD conference that starts April 29.