Microsoft Reportedly Adding Multi-Device Logins For Xbox Live And Project xCloud

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Microsoft has some big changes coming to its gaming platforms over the next few months, with the big launch of course being Xbox Series X. Although it hasn't been promoted nearly as much, Project xCloud streaming is almost as important, it not more important to the future of gaming at Microsoft.

In an effort to make life easier for gamers that will be switching back and forth between native gaming and cloud gaming in the future, Microsoft is reportedly making a key change to the Xbox sign-in process. The current policy for Microsoft is that only a single Xbox Live account can be signed in at a time -- you can't have multiple instances running, even if all of the Xbox Live-linked devices are in your same household.

The arrival of Project xCloud would make this situation untenable, for example, if you wanted to play Halo on your smartphone on the way home from work while your kids are watching a TV show via Netflix on the Xbox One X in the living room. While this situation wouldn't work under the current scheme -- the Xbox One X would be logged out if you logged in on-the-go from your smartphone -- these two Xbox Live instances will soon both be supported according to Windows Central.

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At this time, this dual-login exception seems limited to streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ and doesn't extend to multiple game sessions. So, you unfortunately won't be able to have someone play Halo Infinite on your Xbox One X while another person plays Grand Theft Auto V on their Samsung Galaxy S20 with the same Xbox Live account. Microsoft hasn't quite figured that one out, although who’s to say that Microsoft couldn’t introduce this feature at a later date?

The report goes on to add that multi-device login is currently being tested internally by Microsoft, and could be ready for release alongside the official launch of Project xCloud on September 15th with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Android.