Windows 10 Insider Build 15031 Brings Picture-In-Picture Window, Dynamic Proximity Lock

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released the much-anticipated build of Windows 10 that added both Game Mode and Beam streaming, and now, the company follows-up with a smoothed-out build that includes yet more features for the upcoming Creators Update.

Here's a cool one: Compact Overlay. As seen in the shot below, a user has pushed their TV show (or movie) to the top-right corner so as to be able to watch it, but also to be able to continuing working in at the same time. This window will essentially be flagged for "always on top", and despite being compressed and shoved in a corner, the window still retains all functionality of a full-screen app, as does the background app.

Windows 10 Compact Overlay

It's important to note that this particular feature will be exclusive to UWA applications, meaning those downloaded from the official Windows Store. If we're to see popular solutions, such as VLC, adopt this kind of functionality, it looks like their developers will need to release an app to the Windows Store.

Another great feature is Dynamic Lock, which uses Bluetooth to automatically lock your PC as you walk away from it. This isn't a new concept, but it's the first time that the feature will be baked right into Windows, saving you the hassle of using other solutions.

Windows 10 Dynamic Lock Feature

In addition to these new features, Microsoft's Game Bar has added some 50 titles to the support list, including old and new games, and has worked out the kinks in several other areas of the full OS. For much more information, hit up the link below, especially if you're keen on upgrading, since there are some important warnings for very specific setups.