Microsoft Releases OneNote For Mac and iOS And It’s Free

There's nothing quite like a little cross-platform love to get your morning started. Microsoft has long since supported rival platforms, with iOS and Mac coming immediately to mind. As Apple continues to grow, Microsoft realizes that it can't just shun its biggest threat. Instead, it's embracing diversity, this week announcing OneNote for Mac as well as iOS, and it's making the platform (which includes the Windows version) totally free.

Not only is this a major step for Microsoft, but it's also a shot across the bow to items like Google Keep and Evernote. OneNote is a powerful tool, but if it's not available on every single platform that prospective customers care about, it won't be taken seriously. Now, the cross-platform success that Evernote has enjoyed could come to OneNote.

In a blog post announcing the move, Microsoft acknowledged that users had been asking for a Mac edition. Along with the Mac release, the OneNote tool will be "free everywhere," and there's a cloud API that now enables any app to connect to it. IFTTT, email, Genius Scan, Livescribe -- you name it, and OneNote's getting there.

Have a look, Mac users; you've got nothing to lose.