Microsoft Releases $20 Charging Stand for Band 2 Fitness Tracker

The market for wearables is starting to take off, and first-party manufacturers are stepping in to offer accessories that were previously only catered to by third-party companies. We saw this earlier this month with the release of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock. Today, Redmond is filling a void for Microsoft Band users with a new Charging Stand.
microsoft band 2 stand

The Charging Stand is constructed primarily of plastic and features a weighted and rubberized base so that it won’t slid around when inserting or removing the Microsoft Band. Microsoft describes the accessory, stating:

This stylishly designed charging stand helps with cable management and doubles as a beautiful table clock. It features magnetized adhesion which makes it easy to remove and re-attach the charging cable. When in use, the charging cable tucks away from view tangle-free.

On the minus side, the Charging Dock doesn’t come with its own charging cable, so you’ll have to use the one that originally came in the box with Microsoft Band. On the plus side, the stand only costs $19.99, which would make it a perfect gift for the holiday season. Compared to the $79.99 that Apple is charging for the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, it’s nice to see that some companies haven’t lost touch with reality when it comes to accessory pricing.

News of the Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stand comes just after the company released a new software update that brings Bluetooth-based music controls and activity tracking for the fitness wearable. As for the Microsoft Band itself, it’s available right now for $249.99.