Official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock Will Drain $79 From Your Wallet On November 20th

apple watch magnetic charging dock MLDW2 3
Apple released its much-hyped Apple Watch in April to much fanfare. At the time, Apple didn’t include a charging dock in the box for the wearable and simply provided a MagSafe charging adapter. With no option from Apple available, third-party manufacturers quickly filled the void with their own contraptions.

After first leaking to the web yesterday, the official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is now available to purchase from In typical Apple minimalistic fashion, the Magnetic Charging dock is a simple disc shape with a pivoting MagSafe charging pad. This allows an Apple Watch to either lay flat or be posed at a 90-degree angle to display the time in Nightstand Mode — a feature that was added with watchOS 2.

As is the case with most Apple accessories, the Magnetic Charging Dock is not cheap. It’ll cost you $79 and it only comes with a 2-meter Lightning cable. If you need a USB wall adapter to go along with it, that’ll cost you an extra $19.

apple watch magnetic charging dock MLDW2 1

You can purchase the device today, and it will begin shipping on Friday. It will also be available in Apple Retail Stores on Friday as well, but it appears that at least one location in Germany has jumped the gun and already has the accessory available for sale. You can check it out in the unboxing video below: