Microsoft's Popular PowerToys Utility Gets A Windows 11 Makeover And New Features

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Microsoft released Windows 11 earlier this month and many people have either migrated or are in the process of moving over to it. Along with new operating system releases come a wave of updates for applications to bring them up to speed with new look as well as new features, and Microsoft's PowerToys has joined in the excitement.

With the updated look of Windows 11's more smooth aesthetic, there is certainly a bit of a clash when programs are still holding on to that Windows 10 vibe. PowerToys, for the uninitiated, is a great open-source tool from Microsoft that gives way to a host of additional features, such as a color picker, improved windows snapping functions, bulk image resizers, and file renaming tools to name a few.

Thanks to a massive update to the PowerToys tool, Windows 11 users will have a fancy new interface to work with, though those of us still on Windows 10 also get access to the two new major features: Find My Mouse and Video Conference Mute.

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PowerToys' new Find My Mouse is one of those features you didn't know you needed until you use it and then don't have access to it. We've all been there, having multiple screens going and lots of white space from word documents and spreadsheets. Then when you need your mouse, you jiggle all about trying to find it often with poor results. With this update you can simply tap twice on the left control key and BOOM, there's your cursor. The program dims all the screen space and leaves a spotlight on your mouse until you move it. Seriously, this little helper could add up in the long run as a massive time saver. 

But what we find most useful from the update has got to be the Video Conference Mute. Worse than not finding your cursor is sitting in a web conference and needing to cut the camera or mic for whatever reason. All of these companies find ways to change up how their programs look, the most aggravating change being where they put the god-forsaken mic mute or camera disable buttons. It always seems you need to hunt them down at the worst possible time. With this update that's a thing of the past, you just use the preset shortcuts or set up your own to globally cut the mic, or the camera, or both. 

If you haven't used these features then we highly recommend that you download the latest version of PowerToys of PowerToys and give it a go. Testing it out this morning has proven to be quite useful and if for nothing else FancyZones is a game-changer for those of us on ultrawide monitors.