Microsoft Patches Pesky Windows 10 Store Bug That Stymied App Downloads

It looks like Microsoft has gotten a handle on the problems that were plaguing the App Store in Windows 10.

Earlier this month, users began reporting some downright weird problems, including a mail client that wouldn’t allow users to open certain emails. Other users reported problems with downloading apps in the Store and still others weren’t able to get into the App Store at all.

microsoft app store

As the bugs piled up, Microsoft released an updated version of the Windows 10 Store, solving some of the problems. Still, many users were experiencing problems, particularly when it came to installing their apps. PC restarts seemed to help in some, but not all cases.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley has been following the story and noticed today that Microsoft appears to have solved the remaining app installation problem. Interestingly, no new patches appear to be associated with the fix, making Microsoft’s solution a bit of a mystery.

It’s not surprising that Windows 10 is still working out some kinks so soon after launch and we’re glad to see that Microsoft is picking them off, even if at a slower pace than we’d like. If you’re still experiencing problems with the Windows 10 App Store, let us know.