Microsoft Rushes Fix For Windows 10 App Store Sign-in Issues

If you've been experiencing issues with the store in Windows 10 over the past few days, don't fret: you're not alone. Beginning at least last Saturday, many users have been experiencing issues with the store that either prevents them from downloading, updating, and in some cases, using apps.

Windows 10 Store

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley notes a rather critical error: the mail client she used simply stopped working. While it would show that new emails were arriving, opening, deleting, or moving them hasn't been possible.

As odd as it is that issues affecting an app store could also affect apps from actually working is, Microsoft is apparently going to be issuing a fix through Windows Update within the next day. At this point, absolutely nothing is being said about what's caused the issue, but given just how integral the store is to Windows 10 (at least, Microsoft wants it to be), hopefully this kind of issue won't become a trend.

News of the Windows Store issues come just days after users reported problems with the first cumulative update for Windows 10. The fact that Windows 10 Home by default automatically downloads and installs updates put users into a continuous reboot loop after each failed install. But given that Windows 10 has been in the hands of everyday consumers for roughly two weeks, these early teething problems are to be expected.