Microsoft OneNote Skyrockets To Top Of Mac App Store Downloads, Shows Redmonds Strength

Microsoft's been pushing its OneNote app pretty hard in the last few months, first by updating it for Windows 8.1 with new features, and more recently by porting it over to Mac and iOS where users can download and use OneNote for free. Apparently the offer of using OneNote for free was too good to refuse, as it quickly climbed to the top of the freebie chart on Apple's Mac App Store.

OneNote had to leapfrog past Apple's OX X 10.9 (Mavericks) to take the top spot, which it did within hours after launching on Monday, ComputerWorld reports. In doing so, OneNote pushed down several popular titles, including iMove, GarageBand, and iWork apps. As of this writing, OneNote still sits atop the list with a four-star rating out of 893 ratings.

OneNote for Apple Devices

Embracing a major rival platform was a big decision for Microsoft, though one it could no longer ignore. In a blog post announcing the availability of OneNote for Mac and iOS, Microsoft said users had been asking for a Mac version, and now they have it. The benefit for Microsoft is that it now has most of its bases covered -- Windows PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android, and the web.

While OneNote is free for home and school use, business users are required to buy the app, which they can do on a standalone basis for $70, or as part of Office 2013 or through an Office 365 subscription.