Microsoft Offers 20GB Of Extra SkyDrive Storage For A Year For Windows Phone Users

One of the perks of jumping into the Windows Phone ecosystem is that Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service is built in, and the company gives you 7GB of free storage capacity to go with it. For a limited time, though, users can bump that capacity up by another 20GB.

It’s notable that this extra capacity isn’t only accessible with your phone (although that’s more or less how Microsoft envisions it working)--it’s just there for you to use, however you like to access your SkyDrive account.

Microsoft Windows Phone SkyDrive

The extra 20GB will only last for a year, and you have to claim the bounty before January 31st. We wonder, though, if Microsoft will actually pull back that 20GB when the time comes.

Microsoft says the extra capacity is a “show of appreciation” for its Windows Phone customers, but it’s more like an effort to keep people on the platform and entice others to join, too.