Microsoft's Nostalgia Trip Continues With New Pro IntelliMouse Debut

Microsoft IntelliMouse
Gaming mice sure have changed a bunch over the years, though if you prefer the old school styling of rodents from yesteryear, you are in luck. Microsoft is now selling a Pro version of its iconic IntelliMouse. On the outside, it's a throwback to the old school mouse that first appeared in 1996, but on the inside, its guts are built for modern day gaming.

We'll get to the specs in a moment, but first, a quick history lesson. After debuting the IntelliMouse in 1996, Microsoft continued to update the rodent for several years, up through 2003 when it released the IntelliMouse 3.0. That was the end of the line, until Microsoft resurrected the design in 2018 with a new Classic IntelliMouse.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro Side

That model retained the same classic ergonomic look and feel of the original versions, but with improved performance and features based on modern technology. The same is true of the newly introduced Pro IntelliMouse. It's a gaming-grade peripheral with a familiar design, save for a customizable under glow (shown above).

"The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse gives you a high-performance work and gaming-ready mouse with speed, responsiveness, precision, and durability. It features customizable buttons, a sleek look and feel, and a tracking sensor for the smallest flicks and largest gestures. Complete your experience by choosing a custom tail light color," Microsoft says.

Microsoft IntelliMouse

In total, there are five buttons on Pro IntelliMouse, three of which can be customized (except in Windows 10 S for some reason). It's armed with a PixArt PAW3389PRO-MS sensor that can ramp up to 16,000 dpi, with a 12,000 fps refresh rate. For reference, the non-Pro version has a 3,200 dpi.

The Pro intelliMouse is available now in Shadow Black or Shadow White for $59.99. That's $20 more than the Classic IntelliMouse. Incidentally, the original IntelliMouse from 1996 launched at $84.95.