Microsoft Names Windows Server 8: It's Now Windows Server 2012

What's in a name? A lot. Qwikster didn't go over so well for Netflix, and iPhone was so important to Apple that it purchased the rights to use it from Cisco. And instead of rolling with Windows Server 8, Microsoft has decided to go with Windows Server 2012 for its upcoming server operating system. At the Microsoft Management Summit, Corporate Vice President Brad Andersons spilled the beans on the new name, as well as sharing plenty of details on upcoming Win8 news. It's being called a "cloud-optimized OS," due out later in the year, and slated to help companies "move faster, save money and compete better."

With Microsoft, we are moving beyond virtualization to cloud computing, so we can automate and manage our IT environment as a whole," said Patrick Wirtz, manager of Technology Innovation at The Walsh Group. "It's all about giving our engineers, tradespeople and software developers the computing resources they need to build roadways, bridges and high-rises."

Enterprise users take note: your wish list needs to change from "8" to "2012." Details, people!