Microsoft Mocks iPads In Surface Go Holiday Ad Telling You To Buy A Real Computer

surface go 1
Apple really annoyed the snot out of people around this time last year with its condescending and downright annoying commercial for the iPad. In it, a young girl can be seen going about her day working on her iPad performing varying tasks. Towards the end, she's laying on the grass outside her house typing away with the iPad's keyboard accessory when a woman asks, "What are you doing on your computer?" The girl responds by saying, "What's a computer?"

The ad was so controversial and so hated that Apple removed it, and it sparked a entire wave of memes mocking the company (and unfortunately, the actress in the ad). The point that Apple was [apparently] trying to make is that the iPad transcends the concept of a PC, but the ad most definitely missed the mark for most people.

Microsoft is now trying to have a bit of payback of sorts with a new holiday ad promoting its Surface Go Windows 10 tablet. In it, a girl sings the song "Grandma Don't Go Out and Buy an iPad" to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer". She sings about how a limited device like the iPad was "fine while I was six", but that now she’s 10, she "needs a real computer". 

The entire spot is roughly 30 seconds long, but in that time, it takes a few shots at Apple's iPad without coming across as being off-putting. And it uses good-natured humor along with that catchy song to lighten the mood.

surface go 3

With that being said, the Surface Go is fighting an uphill battle against standard 9.7-inch iPad. The iPad starts at $329, but was available for a low $249 during Black Friday. The Surface Go, on the other hand, starts at $399. 

The base iPad comes with 32GB of onboard storage, while the Surface Go comes standard with 64GB (the Surface Go also has the advantage of supporting microSD expansion). While the iPad’s limited focus allows it to feel speedy in most any situation, the Surface Go can become overburdened pretty quickly when a lot of browser tabs or applications are open at once. On the other hand, the Surface Go gives you full, unfettered access to peripherals with a USB-C port, while the iPad is stuck with a propriety Lightning port.

So, while the Surface Go is in fact a "real" PC running a real operating system (in this case, Windows 10), your mileage may vary depending on your daily workload.