Microsoft Mistakenly Activates Edge Extension Preview Site For Windows 10

When it originally leaked out that Microsoft's next major Windows 10 update would be 'Redstone', it seemed likely that one of the things coming with it would be support for extensions in Edge. With it recently becoming known that Redstone will be spitting into two, the state of Edge extensions were up-in-the-air. Well, a new leak gives us hope that we won't be waiting much longer after all. Where's the leak come from? None other than Microsoft itself!

Through some sort of accident, Microsoft launched the official landing page for Edge extensions, which doesn't just give us a hint that the official support is coming soon, it gives us a quick preview of what's going to be available. At the moment, three main extensions listed are Microsoft Translator, reddit Enhancement Suite (an incredibly useful extension for reddit devouts), as well as Mouse Gestures, a Microsoft tool that allows you to take advantage of gestures inside of the browser.

Microsoft Edge Extensions

In what's sure to be considered a mammoth tease, a blurb on this site said this:

Personalize and add new features to Microsoft Edge with extensions. Starting with build XXX for the Windows 10 Insider Preview, a selection of extensions is now available for Microsoft Edge.

Let's hope that XXX build happens to be the next one.

Interestingly, it seems that the initial plugins are going to be .exe-based, rather than use some unique wrapper like Firefox and Chrome use. This is sensible enough right now given Edge is part of Windows and Windows uses executables, but we can't imagine that implementation will be lasting too long, as it could pose a severe security risk in the real world.

Nonetheless, the best thing to come from this is the knowledge that we could very well see an official launch soon. If you want to see a cached version of the site before it was pulled down, look no further.