First Windows 10 Redstone Update Reportedly Slated For June, Second Pushed To Spring 2017

We first learned of Microsoft's next major Windows 10 update almost a year ago, and later, its release was pegged for summer of this year. As we can now see, those plans have changed a little bit.

According to Winbeta, the Redstone update will be split into two parts, with the second hitting us in 2017. That might sound like a bit of a downside, but we're still set to see the first part this June, which itself could include substantial updates. This version will be codenamed RS1, and one of its greatest goals is to enhance the convergence of different Windows devices (which includes the Xbox One).

windows 10 ambient 2-

That kind of update might seem a little boring, but it's important for Microsoft, especially at a time when it's planning to bring Xbox content to the PC.

In the past, we talked about some of the updates that will come to Redstone. Those include DPI scaling fixes, Continuum improvements, and major updates to the company's Edge Web browser. It's not clear at this time if any of those will make it into RS1, but we'd hope the DPI scaling fixes would at least, since more and more are buying monitors with bigger and bigger resolutions.

It's expected that Microsoft will retain the same Windows 10 name when RS1 comes out, and that its build number will reflect the month it's released (1606). The current version of Windows 10 is 1511, which came out in November.