Microsoft Makes Kinect Sensor For Windows v2 Available For Pre-Order

We first got a glimpse of the second generation of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor for Windows back in March, and now the device is available for preorder for $199 in the U.S. (It’s also available in a number of other countries.)

“The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor gives developers more of the precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities they need to develop interactive voice and gesture-based applications,” reads the post.

Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor for Windows

The device is intended to be used with the Windows SDK 2.0, which will be out in beta form in July. As previously reported, the new Kinect for Windows sensor v2 is a bit more demure than its predecessor, with the big glowing “X” logo gone and “Kinect” label shifted to the top of the device.

It also has a hub that accepts input from the sensor, and there’s a USB 3.0 port that outputs to the PC.